Texas Hold Em Poker Tip

Texas Hold Em Poker Tip

How to Win Texas Hold Em Poker

My Texas Hold Em Poker tips are below, and explain the basics of the game.

  1. The first and foremost thing to remember is no pair, or almost no pair is actually the best hand.
  2. Yes they are mathematically correct, You can win with less than perfect cards
  3. Do not become obsessed with poker, if you are playing at home, or your friends house, forget it. Don’t even play with your best cards, or money will leave you alone with your personal problems.
  4. Bet with your hands, and bet aggressively. You need to have free odds to be able to bet aggressively.
  5. Make sure you know how to play your hand, what the community cards are, and what your hand is, the further you go down the hand the more you want to stick to the correct Hold Em rules.
  6. Stop if you are in the blinds or early positions, you are either letting call more bets, or you are giving away free cards.
  7. Do not bluff on a hopeless hand when there are not enough cards to do so, you are in the blinds or have a small stack.
  8. When you have a limp, or you have a hand worth less than 1.5x the big blind, and you are in the blind, fold.
  9. When your at the showdown and you do not have an Ace and your sitting facing the wrong end of the button, and you have less than five times the big blind, or even if you have five times the big blind, take your hand.
  10. When you have a flush or straight draw and it is not the correct way to play, let it go.
  11. Not all pocket pairs are created equal, you need to understand the different between greatly varying pocket pairs
  12. Do you know when to check, call, or raise? You need to have a decision to make and you will only make that decision when betting conditions are right.

Check – Never let anyone tell you’re going to play every hand, you need to have skilled in the realm of judgement, so if your always calling and playing every hand, you probably should not be doing so

Call – When you think you have the best hand and you believe you will be paid off; you need to call.

Raise – You need to know how to bet. Raise when you think you have the best hand and you will be paid off.

The choices are yours, just like in the last days of playing cards, you will have to work out the outcome of each different scenario, and the best way to do that is to have a deep, fundamental knowledge of poker theory and practice, jargon is no requirement, but you do need to have an understanding of statistics and analysis if you’re going to conquer the game.

Whatever you decide to do; the one thing not to forget whatever poker tips you follow, learn to quit while you are ahead. The moment you think you have a nice edge over your opponent, meaning you predict he has a weaker hand than you, than you need to shut it down.

Sure, that was a bit of poker theory, but it’s the first tip on the to do list. Go out now, post this article and all the one I wrote that got you through the rough spots of poker theory, and start winning cash at the tables. Because really the only way to learn is to do, and the only way to do it is to actually do.

Because really, the only way to learn is to do. Remember this is a game of usability. usability, simplicity and efficiency. Go out there, actually try playing and stop doing the impossible, the untouchable, the impossible. When you are spending money on playing cards, remember this list of poker tips and start making money immediately on the field.

My panen138 strategy is available to subscribe at email and on my web page. Remember, anytime, anywhere you can use these tips.

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